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NFL safety Will Allen was inspired to positively impact the community in which he lives, works, and plays. In the spring of 2006, while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Allen developed the “Quest for Real Life Success” program. Allen has always felt it was his designed purpose to help provide tools and resources to Educate + Influence + Empower those in his surrounding community. In 2008, Allen started the Will Allen Foundation in his endeavor to “pay it forward” and assist in changing lives.

The mission of the Will Allen Foundation is to provide services and resources to underserved individuals that face poverty, homelessness and lack educational tools to advance in the 21 century. The vision of the Will Allen Foundation is to provide a level playing field for all, allowing each individual to achieve his or her greatest success.

The Will Allen Foundation is committed to removing barriers to success, such as financial insecurity, education challenges, socioeconomic inequity and obstacles in joining the workforce.

By building legacy community partners we are committed to Educate + Influence + Empower people to Change Lives.







Quest for Real Life Success

Quest for Real Life Success is the core of the Will Allen Foundation. Quest is a four-year extracurricular program created to impact high school students in being proactive on their journey after graduation. The program commenced at two high schools in Tampa, FL — King High School and Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School. The program continues to expand, educate and influence students in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Click here for more information


PAK (Purposeful Acts of Kindness)

The PAK (Purposeful Acts of Kindness) program is designed to instill hope, uplift and encourage those in underprivileged, underserved Pennsylvanian and Ohioan communities with challenging circumstances. Click here for more information


The Big Play

With the help of our outstanding partner ALBA The Big Play is providing custom-made suits to young men to help them further their position in life and remove a barrier that could prevent them from achieving their personal best. Click here for more information


Football Skills Enhancement Camp

This free event is geared toward not only teaching the proper skills to become a better football player but also how to translate those lessons learned through sport into valuable skills for life beyond the field. Click here for more information


Holiday Giving Program

The Will Allen Foundation is committed to the mantra of “paying it forward”, especially during the holiday season. Each year the students from the Quest Program take a group of underprivileged children shopping for their own families. Click here for more information




“The Will Allen Foundation does great work with children and for people who work with kids – it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone who does it for the right reasons. Thank you for sharing what God has blessed you with. The highest regards to you and the people of your foundation. Keep up the great work!”

- Michael Fulmore
Athletic Director, Crisis Intervention Facilitator

Wilkinsburg High School


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Help educate, influence, empower and ultimately change lives by becoming a sponsor of the Will Allen Foundation. Opportunities include sponsorship of programs, such as the Quest for Real Life Success, The Big Play and PAK, as well as events like the WAF Football Skills Camp and Holiday Giving Program. For more information on specific sponsorship opportunities, please contact Alexis Maddox, Executive Director, at 412.366.5102 or info@willallenfoundation.com.