Meet Our Founder

Will Allen began his professional career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he quickly became a leader on and off the field.  Aside from playing the game of football he also possessed a great passion to be a leader in the community and was inspired to give back and make a difference. Allen always felt it was his designed purpose to help provide tools and resources to Educate + Influence + Empower those in his surrounding community. Being afforded so much and having wonderful mentors in his life, Allen was fervent to “pay it forward”.

As a 12 year NFL veteran most recently with Pittsburgh Steelers, Allen is convicted in strengthening his community and helping to build hope. He is very enthusiastic in encouraging others to take his same stance in helping their respective communities. You can frequently find him sharing creative ideas at community round table forums, speaking at corporate events or elementary schools or inspiring his teammates to give back.  During the offseason Allen also enjoys the game of golf and continuing his education through various NFL programs. Throughout his career Allen has attended the NFL Business Management and Entrepreneur programs at Harvard Business School and Kellogg School of Business. Allen recently completed the NFLPA externship with an energy and utility company National Grid, energy consultants and with United States House of Representatives, Congressman Bobby Rush on the Energy and Power subcommittee and is a Managing Partner at Nascent Group Holdings.

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